Monday, October 16, 2017

Troll and the Oliver and Troll Cupcakes!

Last week, while browsing the stacks at our local library, I picked up this cute book by Adam Stower, Troll and the Oliver. It is a darling little story about a troll who is trying to catch (and eat!) the Oliver. I personally love how the author refers to Oliver as the Oliver, as though Troll thinks that's what he is rather than the little boy's name. Finally Oliver does end up getting a taste of Oliver, but to his disappointment, Olivers taste disgusting. Luckily, the two discover Trolls do like cake.

This book was an absolute delight and my children had me read it several times each day while it was in our possession.

As a bonus, this book includes a cupcake recipe to make your own troll cupcakes! Which, I can tell you my children were all about.

So we gathered up our materials and even found some cute cake decorating eyes. (Like these, Wilton Candy Eyeballs,0.88 Ounce,Count of 50) and got to work.

Now sadly, and I hope they fixed this in future printings, the cake recipe is incomplete. It is missing baking powder (or any rising agent) which would be needed to make a proper cake. But with a bit of google-foo, I found a small batch cupcake recipe online and things were back on track.

Here is my sample cupcake for the children. I made a simple buttercream recipe (from the storybook) and roughed it up with a fork to make fur. We used a candy corn assortment, Candy eyeballs, mini marshmallows, and these Twizzlers Twist Pullnpeel Fruit Punch Candy, 12 Oz Bag, (Pack of 2), Grape, Cherry, Orange Flavors, since I couldn't find regular red licorice strings.

The children were thrilled! They each got to decorate four cupcakes and even their papa got to join in with two of his. (I'd add a photo of their faces, but well, um. Ok my desk is behind them and it has lately become the family's dumping place since I've been busy with my store.)

Here is a shot of all their hard work! Hooray! Troll cupcakes for everyone and much tastier than nasty Olivers.

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