Tuesday, October 3, 2017

What do you do?

Ok, so  today I fell into a tricky trap and I don't know what you other mama's do in this situation.

We had to go to the Walmart and while waiting in the check out line, Bun saw a tiny Elsa doll. It was cute and reasonably priced. It would be perfect for a Christmas stocking stuffer.

Except I was caught putting it on the conveyor belt. Then Bear saw his sister was getting something and he wanted something too.

Well fair, is fair, right. So I bought him something too. And then I felt I couldn't not give them their toys right away, since they'd caught me.

Augh! Even though I had no plans to get them more toys and now I'm beating myself up for spoiling them and wasting money I should be saving.

The guilt.

Seriously, what do you do in this situation. Should I have left Elsa and come back to the dreaded Walmart later on the rare chance I will be without children? Should I have lied and said the doll was for someone else? What would you do?

Help? I'm a terrible mother.

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