Monday, July 10, 2017

Back to School Sales, already!!!

Ahhh! I'm still trying to get into summer mode over here an noticed, while going through the Sunday paper, all the back to school sales. Crazy talk! Our homeschool is mostly a year-round school, because Bear and Bun start begging for school when we take too long of a break. (Let's cross our fingers they're still like that when they are teenagers.)

Usually I try to hold off on back to school shopping until our state offers a tax free weekend to buy school supplies, but last year the stores were nearly sold out by the time that date came around. (August 4-6 for Virginia residents btw.)

Personally, I'm weak for office supplies. It makes me so giddy buying things like pens and notebooks. The smell of fresh office supplies. Ahhh!! It's too good. To try to keep me from going overboard and within budget, I have to take inventory on what we still have and what we need or need to replace. Usually glue, oh my goodness, our family flies through glue sticks.

I really don't believe we need much this year (aside from glue sticks), but I hear that siren's call from the stationary section of every store I visit. Maybe one extra notebooks won't hurt.

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