Monday, July 3, 2017

Book Review: "_____ to the Rescue!" by John Himmelman

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When Bear was just beginning to go to our Library's story time, we were introduced to a wonderful series. We recently revisited it along with the last two in the series we had never read before and oh my gosh! These books are too fun!

The first in the series is Chickens to the Rescue (Barnyard Rescue). In this delightfully illustrated book, the Greenstalk family and barnyard animals are all having problems. They are saved by a flock of very helpful chickens. Each page has lots of little tidbits inside, so reading again and again is encouraged.

The second book in the series is Pigs to the Rescue: A Picture Book. This one is my personal favorite. While the chickens were so helpful, the pigs are a bit ... over helpful. They always try to help, but they do a little too much each time. My children loved finding "baby pig" as they named the piglet. (You can see baby pig on the cover hanging off the ladder.)

After a bit of a disastrous rescue, it's now the cows' turn in Cows to the Rescue (Barnyard Rescue). In this book, the cows help everyone at the county fair. This one is also very cute, but it just wasn't my favorite.  Maybe I'm not a big cow fan, though my son declares this is his absolute favorite.

Lastly, it's Duck to the Rescue (Barnyard Rescue). Poor Ernie the Duck wants to be helpful too, but nothing goes right for him, until a helpful little sheep steps in to make Ernie the hero he longs to be.

I LOVE this series. Like really and truly love it. The story is absolutely silly and the illustrations are so fun to look at. I swear, every time I reread a book, I discover some new aspect of a page. So, 2 thumbs up from me, especially for Pigs to the Rescue. This is a winner of a series.


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