Friday, June 30, 2017

Featured Artisan: Holls Knit

Ah, I feel so absolutely terrible about being crazy late on my posts. It's crazy how a small class can throw off my entire day. But fear not! I'm back to my regular blogging. 

Today I wanted to highlight another artist, Holly from Holls Knit. Holly is an artist from Peterborough, Ontario in Canada. She is a stay at home mom of two of the best boys. She mostly knits, but lately I've seen her dabbling with crochet in her portfolio. (And if she's reading this, Holly! I want more crochet dolls in your shop! They're so cute!)

Today, she's letting me share some of her great products! Please click the pictures to follow to her store.
 Pancreas Plush! Aw, I love cute things that aren't usually cute, like guts. Those widdle beady eyes. Aw!
Here's an N7 Mass Effect hat. I love her color work! Knit color work is one of my weakest skills, so mad props to her for her nice clean lines.
These are sold pieces, but really! Look at that color work. This one is a Mario hat and when I first saw it, I thought it was just an abstract pattern, but look again and it's little mushrooms and fire flowers! Cute!
This hat features a design from the anime One Piece. I've never watched it and been chastised by anyone who has. Maybe one day.

You can find her shop again on Etsy at Holls Knit or see more of her portfolio on Deviant Art. I have a few of her knit items and they are really well made and super warm. If you're in the market for geeky wearables, maybe give her a hollar!

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