Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We trek into the heart of darkness... Walmart

I needed a prescription refilled and the few odd things, which Aldi doesn't carry.* Our local Walmart is not usually terrible, except they are remodeling so an ordinary in-out trip now becomes a time consuming ordeal of hunting for products and dodging pallets of shelves and products in transition.

Not the best situation for two wiggly children, who have been kept indoors for a bit too long due to the hot spell and swarms of vicious mosquitoes. Several times I had to snatch a child out of the way of a customer, as my children swirled and twirled through the aisles. We were only in the store for 20 minutes, but by the time we were ready to check-out, Bun had it and started shouting for chocolate. (What the heck!? I don't give her that much chocolate. She gets one m&m when she uses the potty.)

Now, I'm not the sort of parent to give in to my child shouting for something, but Bun isn't the type of little girl who will silently accept not getting what she wants. So needless to say, I had to apologize to the clerks and other customers in line and in the end, Bun still didn't get the candy she wanted. (I'm told being firm will pay off one day. Believe me, that day can't come soon enough. Oh my ears.)

As for chores today, I put the dishes away, made some granola, and hard boiled some eggs for The Dude's lunches and snacks. I wish I could say I did more, but my head has been quite done in. I'm waving the white flag on today. Now if only someone would come and make dinner. ha!

*Hello Aldi!
I love your prices and your store and your prices. But can you please carry frozen veggies in a bag? Mixed Veggies, Green Beans, Broccoli? Those sorts of things? Please?


  1. Your Aldi doesn't have frozen veggies? You should contact the manager and ask for them to stock it. My local Aldi definitely has them.

    1. They have some steamer bags with a bit of variety, but otherwise it's just frozen corn.