Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Book Review: Dinosaur Empire! by Abby Howard

I'm a nut for dinosaurs. When I was young, I wanted more than anything to be a paleontologist. Except I didn't know the difference between a paleontologist and an archeologist., so when I told my older sister I wanted to be an archeologist, she told me I'd have to touch human skulls. Five year old me didn't want to do that, so I gave up on that dream and dinosaurs.

Fast forward 30 years and I have a child of my own and he loves dinosaurs. So of course I start looking into dinosaurs and y'all! the things they have discovered about dinosaurs and well... to sum up (too late) I LOVE DINOSAURS!

Anyway, a friend posted about this graphic novel, Dinosaur Empire! (Earth Before Us 1): Journey through the Mesozoic Era, coming out and I immediately preordered it. I had never heard of Abby Howard, but a feathered dinosaur graphic novel. Oh yeah, count me in!

This graphic novel is now available and while it's marketed to ages 8 and up, I've been reading it through with Bear and he's understanding all of it. Now don't get me wrong, this book is information dense. Many pages are covered with several animals and so much information. But if you've got a lover of Dinosaurs, this is a book you want on your shelf. I love how Abby Howard pressed the idea that you have to be willing to let old ideas go to accept the new science, because gosh! the world of paleontology is constantly discovering and rediscovering these amazing animals.

Well that's my two bits on this particular book and now that Abby Howard is on my radar, I'm gong to be hoping we get a sequel. I'd love to see a comic book about prehistoric animals of the Cenozoic Area. They don't get enough love and there are some amazing creatures.

And as a personal note, I've been up late this whole week working on finishing dolls early so I can prepare for the in-laws. My cat, Amelia, is beside herself. She likes me to be in bed promptly so she can nurse on my nightshirts. Weirdo. Anyway, here's a picture of her trying to be cute and tempt me to go to bed.

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