Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A book too good not to share!

Yesterday, we went to the library for a cute trick or treat and parade event. During our walk through the library, I was picking up books that looked interesting. (I ended up with quite the armload!) I immediately grabbed this one because if the adorable and spazzy cover.

Super Happy Magic Forest by Matt Long, looked like a silly "look and find" sort of book, kinda like a Where's Waldo, but I was delighted to discover a real story, which was crazy cute! It is a story, which tells of 5 adorable adventurers as they try to save their home. It sounds kinda scary, right? But Matty Long manages to make it a fun and friendly adventure. He also throws in a few Lord of the Ring references for Moms and Dads to giggle over. It's a mix between a story book and a comic book in format.

My children are right now pretending to be part of the story and role-playing their own adventure. (Can their Mama hope to one day play role-playing games with her children? maybe?) So, yeah! This book has been immediately added to our Amazon wish list to add to our library.

While searching for the book online, I see Matty Long has created a second book! Super Slug of Doom: A Super Happy Magic Forest Story! Consider this one added to the wish list too!

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