Friday, November 10, 2017

It's Fun to Stay at the Y.M.C.A.

I've done it! I've join the YMCA and despite constantly getting the Village People song stuck in my head on a nearly everyday basis, I'm having a ball!

I've never been a big gym person and have been dragging my heels about joining, because of money and uncertainty and basic self-doubt. But I'm so glad I did it! I haven't been in shape since I injured my back in 2013 and I've had enough of it.

Our YMCA offers childcare for up to 2 hours a day, so I can leave Bear and Bun there without worrying about a babysitter. Every single person I've met there has been an absolute angel. There isn't the big competition or bluster you expect when you join a traditional gym.

It feels so crazy to put my health first for the very first time since I've become a mother.

Now unfortunately, I haven't received any noticeable benefit, as it's only been our first full week, except being exceptionally tired. haha! I'll keep everyone posted on how things continue.

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