Monday, November 20, 2017

Perfectly Posh (or really nice skincare!)

Last month I was invited to a Facebook based "party" about some line of skincare I'd never heard of, but my friend did invite me and I like face stuff, so why not, right?

It was also during a time I was seriously procrastinating with my business and so I found myself peaking into the party daily to see what was happening. (The party was 2 weeks long.) Each day the consultant introduced some of her products and mailed out free samples for everyone to try.

And so I did.

Now, I've been an exclusive Korean Skin Care Regime kinda gal since 2012, with an average of 8 steps. I loved my routine but suddenly this year, one of my products broke out my forehead and it would not go away. I'd stopped using products entirely trying to figure out what had gone wrong.

Well, trying the samples out immediately cleared up the rough forehead issues.

So, I accepted when the consultant asked if I'd host a party too. Because when something works for me, I'm going to shout it to the rafters.

My favorite item, is their Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme. It comes in a variety of fragrances and so I bought a few which sounded nice and found my favorite was their My Hands are Thai'd. To me, it smells like dried orange slices with a few soft spice notes.

When I first tried this hand creme, I was thinking "oh god! what is this fresh hell?" It felt so thick and gross, but within a minute it had fully absorbed and my hands looked great. I'm often troubled by my old lady hands, especially since I take photos of them when I photo my dolls.

I started using this once a day after a shower, but with the cold weather, I've added an application. It's crazy good. I even bought some for my mom for Christmas. (shh... don't tell.)

I also really liked their exfoliating wash A Whole Lava Love. It's minty and scrubs all the crude out. This is what kicked the nasty-forever-forehead-break-out. It made me feel so self-conscious, so I'm super grateful.

Anyway, I said I am hosting a party! Yay! If you're interested in any of the products, please use my link (I may get a prize!)

They are currently having a 10 days of sales promotion, where you can get different items for a discount or free gift, like today it's a body butter free gift with purchase, but as a savvy shopper-type, I think the best pricing will be Friday. I'll keep you posted if you'd like.

Or you can join the Facebook party here. (And if you join us late, you can still ask for free samples. While the company's products are really fantastic, they're aren't the best at refunds, so sample away!

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