Friday, September 29, 2017

What is Balance?

For me, October is my busiest month.  I try to find balance between work and my children and I'll admit I fail sometimes.

This month, I'm working on two huge undertakings for my business and in the end it will pay off, but I will be stressed and up against deadlines and here are my sweet children who just want my attention.

Today, to make up for being so busy and stressed, I took my children for a drive along Skyline Drive on the Blue Ridge Mountains.

While we were behind schedule, without lunch, and my son scared the crap out of me more than once by climbing rocks like a mountain goat, we had fun! I promised them I'd take them again if next Friday was a good weather day.

Leaving was sad, but sweetened by some amazing King's Popcorn. It's an amazing little food truck just off the Afton Mountain exit on Rte 64 and they are totally worth it. I made sure I took a photo of their menu so I could order a meal from them next time, because there were a few people eating and it smelled so good.

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