Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Another Sock Day!

Haha! This blog is seriously going to end up just being socks isn't it.

My dear friend, Katie, sent me the sweetest box of assorted birthday gifts. Some of those gifts were the coolest socks I've ever seen.

These were the first things I pulled from the box and I was very confused at first as to what they were. The Salmon socks are so cutely folded, I thought they were some sort of screen cleaners or something. Isn't the strawberry shortcake so cute! I love the little layers.

Wanna see how they look unfolded?


Also there were these adorable Kokeshi Doll-styled socks. I was sad to open them, because they're so adorable (and yes, I did indeed keep the little cardboard dolls from inside. Too cute! Can't throw away!)

But I'm so glad I opened them. Look at those Daruma socks! Gah! I'm a nut for Daruma dolls.

I feel so wealthy in socks lately! I don't think I've owned this many pairs of pretty socks ever in my entire life. I can't wait to wear them! I think I need a few extra pairs of feet. haha!

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