Monday, June 5, 2017

My Daughter's "friend," Inky Dink

(She enjoys being a girl)

My daughter loves pink. LOVES pink. Everything must be pink. She will throw a fit if she does not receive something pink. Pink is the answer to everything. Before we were hit with the news The Dude was being laid off, she'd convinced me to let her have a wall painted pink in her bedroom.

This past week, I've discovered she's made her first imaginary friend. Her name is Inky Dink. She loves pink too and lives in Bun's pink house, in the woods, where they have to drive to in her pink car. (Please understand she doesn't own any of these things, but apparently Bun has created this elaborate world where she does have a pink car and house in the woods somewhere.)

I love children's minds and listening to the stories they make up. I remember when I would play for hours making up stories with my toys.

This week, I'm going to be a little in and out. We're going to a homeschool convention and I need to get packed and prepared. While I'm more of a loosey goosey traveler, The Dude is type-A all the way, so itineraries must be planned out in advance and submitted for approval. (I joke.)

It's my goal to make a few posts about what we do to keep our children occupied and us sane. We shall see. Right now I've got to run and get things together for packing. Ahhhhh!!!!

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