Friday, June 16, 2017

Father's Day

Ah, Father's Day!
I hate Father's Day. My husband is the worst to buy things for. He hates useless gifts. The gift needs to have a purpose or why bother getting it. He also has expensive taste.

It's especially hard to get the children to make him "useful" gifts. I figure those of you who visit this blog may appreciate having a handy list of what the children are making for their papa this year. (It will also serve to help me remember what I've already given him.
 Sorry for the toothpicks I wanted to edit their names out.

The children drew themselves on Shrinky Dinks Creative Pack 10 Sheets Frosted Ruff n' Ready plastic with sharpies. I then write their name and the year on the plastic. (WARNING: Don't be like me! Remember to write things backwards, so your writing is legible.)

Last year's self portraits
Next, punch a hole in the plastic and cook them up in the toaster oven. A jump ring and a key ring finish the little project up. Tada! A quick little project and now Papa can carry his children with him wherever he goes.We did this last year and I love the idea of updating the pictures each year as their skills in art improve.

Last Christmas, we tried that whole sharpie mug project and we had less than stellar results. Despite using the oil based markers and following all the directions, the precious drawings were washed away.

To hopefully make up for that disappointment, we are making hand prints using FolkArt Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint in Assorted Colors. I painted each child's hand in their favorite color and pressed them against the mug. I think this would be a really cute idea to do with a larger family and use thumbprints instead.

I also interview each child, making a video recording, and transcribing their answers. The questions ask what they know about their papa and it's always a source of giggles and delight for our family. (I'll put the questions down at the bottom if you're interested.)

Finally the children are working on a banner. I'm an obsessive packaging hoarder and I received a package with kraft paper instead of packing peanuts or those air bag thingies. I knew it would be the perfect Father's Day banner material. The children love drawing different things on the banner and their papa feels appreciated win-win!

So there you go! I make one actual Father's Day purchase and we hope we make The Dude feel as appreciated as he is.

All About My Papa

My Papa’s name is
My Papa is ____ years old.

My Papa has ____ hair and ____ eyes.
My Papa’s job is  
My Papa’s favorite food is
My Papa’s favorite treat is
My Papa’s favorite color is
My Papa likes to wear
My Papa laughs when
My Papa is happy when
My Papa gets mad when
My Papa always says
My Papa calls me

My favorite thing about my Papa is 
I love my Papa because
My Papa loves me because

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