Monday, June 26, 2017

Oh my daughter...

"I don't want to see a picture of me."

My little girl is the most determined little ladies I have ever met. She wants things just her way and lord help you if she gets the least bit hungry or tired. Today she woke up quite a bit tired. I'm not sure how, since she went to bed on time and was out by 8 pm, but needless to say, she was tired.

While at swimming class for Bear, she informed me she wanted to go home. I said we would be going home in the car as soon as Bear finished. You see the fatal mistake I made? I said "in the car." She began to shout that she didn't want to go home in the car. I asked her to please stop making a scene. We'd be going home soon.

She then told me to stop looking at her. I told her she was making everyone at the pool look at her, because she was making a scene. Then she kept shouting (as loud as she could), "I'M NOT MAKING A SCENE!!!"

Luckily, I am surrounded by other mothers who apparently have been there, because I only received the "sympathetic smile" or  the "I've been there giggle."

She's still clearly tired and still won't take a nap. If we both survive today, it will be a miracle.

Edited to add:
And as I was finishing another blog's post she demanded I hold her and she fell asleep in my arms. What are the odds? Bun is currently resting! Let's hope she's a happier girl when she wakes up.

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