Monday, June 12, 2017

Packing for Young Children

Our family recently went to a local Home School convention and I'm going to toot my own horn on how well my children handled things, thanks to their mama's planning. I hope these down-to-earth tips may help other mom's of littles who struggle with traveling with their children.

Today, I wanted to address packing. I hate packing. It takes me days to pack myself for any destination, because I'm terrified I'll forget something and goodness knows I can't ever stop at a store to replace the one thing I forgot. Yeah, I get a little crazy.

So! To calm my crazies, I have a simple solution to packing, at least when my children are concerned.

First, I pack their clothing on wash day. The clothes come out of the drier, are matched into outfits, and folded right there. Everything is fresh and planned out.

Secondly, gallon zip bags! Each outfit, complete with underpants, socks, and accessories (if necessary), is put into a zip bag. I did put pajamas from both children into the same baggie, but that's because I was running out of baggies.

Here they are! Three outfits per child and one bag with pajamas. Now are you ready for the brilliant part?

When you put the clothing back in your suitcase, don't put them back into the zip bag. Instead, toss them back in your suitcase! The clean clothing that wasn't worn can stay nice and clean in their bags. When you get home, pull out the zip bags to put the clean clothing away, and toss the rest in the hamper. Easy peasy! 

Another bonus to the zip bags is on the off chance something liquid opens (once my foundation exploded in our suitcase) the clothing stays nice and clean.

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