Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bats and Chasing Cats

Last night, was gorgeous!
It was the first spring night, where I was in no hurry to close the windows. The children were tucked in bed and allegedly sleeping. The moon was beginning to rise above the mountains, so just a hazy glimmer showed, and the bats were swooshing through the air. (Hopefully catching mosquitoes.)

Then I noticed it, the security light was on. Hmm, weird. I look out and don't see a person hanging around our shed, so what set if off? Then I saw it, a big fat cat was hunting in our backyard.

Bear and Bun have been studying birds this week, so my first thought was our birds! We've named a few! That cat had better not be eating my birds! So I ran outside and started clapping my hands and yelling. The cat didn't even look at me. What the heck cat? Now this is a challenge and I'm going to get you out of my yard.

My next plan was to shake something at it, except I couldn't find anything to shake at it that didn't sound like kitty treats. Ugh! So I start hucking little decorative stones at the cat, hoping to scare the cat away. But what does the cat do? It starts hunting the stones I'm throwing. Sheesh!

Finally I get the idea of shaking my broom at the cat. Maybe a person shaking a stick-like object will scare him? But that cat just glanced at me.

Alright, Mr. Cat, I'm coming for you! I step off the deck and open the fence. Cat gets up! Cat runs... a few steps. So I run after the cat, wildly swinging the broom over my head and finally the cat retreats to his yard and at that point I notice my neighbors watching me on this lovely Spring evening. Great! As if they didn't already think I'm some loony.

Well, at least I bested that cat. Until next time kitty. I've got my broom waiting for you.

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