Monday, April 17, 2017

Homeschool Preschool: Birds

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Our Tufted Titmouse couple.

Because people seem to be interested in what we do at Bear and Bun's homeschool, I've decided to make a feature of some of our studies.

We usually have a Reading/Writing/Mathematics session daily, but I like to have also have a portion of the day devoted to "Exploration." This subject is all those fun extracurriculars that get the gears turning in little heads and they're plain fun.

This past week, we studied birds!

I love Bun's drawing of the Chipping Sparrow. Pretty good for a 2 year old!

We started out with an introduction to basic bird watching. I found Stokes Beginner's Guide to Birds: Eastern Region (Stokes Field Guide Series) to be an excellent bird watching book for the children, with gorgeous photos. I loved the organization by bird color, which helped us quickly find birds.

I also used the Merlin Bird ID app, to help with bird calls. I honestly love this app and use it pretty regularly, because Bear is always asking me what sounds a particular bird makes.

Finally combining it with Buggy and Buddy's Free Printable Bird Book for Birding with Kids.  Every day, we would sit at the sliding back door and watch birds as they visited our feeder. Bear and Bun would each draw a picture of a bird we observed, usually using 1+1+1=1's FREE Backyard Birds Montessori Nomenclature Cards and a bird from our Safari Ltd Backyard Birds TOOB, so they would have a still model to draw from.

It's Chippy!

We ended up making friends with a particularly bold Chipping Sparrow who by the end of the week was bringing a mate along to enjoy our offering of seeds. Although we aren't sure, we've decided it's a boy and it's name is Chippy. The children are now happily making up stories about Chippy and his girlfriend as they likely prepare for a new family. The children also set out 5" pieces of cotton packing twine in case Chippy would like something soft to build a nest with. I had to stop them from giving our Border Collie, Rory, a hair cut so Chippy could use his hair as well.


After lunch, we have story time and I've been reading the children stories from The Burgess Bird Book for Children (Dover Children's Classics). The children are big fans of the stories of Peter Rabbit and have been happy to hear of new adventures. The book does have photos of beautiful paintings, however the paintings are reproduced in black and white. I'm considering coloring them in with colored pencils. But for now, we're looking the birds up in the Merlin Bird ID app. (I did say I love this app right?)

A surprising hit for Bear was The Boy Who Drew Birds: A Story of John James Audubon (Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12). It was a storybook retelling of John James Audubon as a young man and Bear was enchanted by the story. I must admit I purchased Audubon's Birds of America Coloring Book so I could color the birds. I've shown Bear and he was moderately interested in the cover (Blue Jays eating eggs), but he's really not big on coloring books, to my immense disappointment. I love coloring and I look forward to a few spare minutes of coloring, someday...

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