Friday, April 7, 2017


Hey! How are you?
Welcome to my blog Tired and Flailing.

I created this on the recommendation of my friend. She suggested I start a blog to share my experiences as a self-employed, homeschooling mother of two, because there are likely other mothers out there who feel like I do, which is like I'm floundering in all aspects of my life.
Haha, because who likes to suffer alone, right?

Yes, this sounds all very doom and gloomy, but I promise you there will be lots of time to laugh at me (or with me) while I'm tired and flailing. 

PS.  Don't you love this photo? So do I. This is a year ago when my daughter refused to nap except on me. So draining. Like seriously the most draining blessing. Now she mostly yells at me. I'll get into that. It's fun. 

Stop by tomorrow and I'll introduce you to the family. For now, try to find 5 minutes and just breathe. Concentrate on breathing and existing. You may need to lock yourself in the bathroom to do this. Don't worry, I won't judge. I've been there too.

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