Saturday, April 15, 2017

Giraffe Hoo-Haa

Earlier this month, my friend Kelly informed me of April the Giraffe. (I had been blissfully unaware of the trials of a very pregnant giraffe until now.) Kelly said the zookeepers predicted April would give birth within 24 hours. Awesome! I'd get to see a baby giraffe born! So Kelly and I stared intently at April's hoo-haa all night and not a baby was to be seen.

But now I was hooked. See, I've devoted time to this giraffe and I'm not going to give up. I WILL SEE A BABY GIRAFFE! But not just any baby giraffe will do! It must be April's baby.

Anyway, today was the day. I had just woken up when Kelly texted me. The baby was coming! So I grab my phone and tune in. Sure enough there are hooves hanging! Oh yeah! Can't be long now, right?

I made breakfast while staring at the screen. That baby's coming. Any minute. Can't look away. Can't miss the baby!

Our family ate breakfast staring at my tablet as it streamed the birth. We sat waaaay longer than usual around our empty plates waiting for this baby and finally, FINALLY! we were rewarded by baby giraffe. Ahh! I love seeing a project to the end.

Congratulations on your baby, April.

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