Friday, April 21, 2017

That's Some Damn Good Coffee

(We're studying plants this week. Also bonus pokemon)

My friend, Kelly, recently took me to Colonial Williamsburg and while there, I discovered Aromas Coffee.

So, let me start the story, because I can't simply jump to the conclusion. We were staying in a very place, but they didn't offer coffee for their coffee pot. We decided to pick up some coffee while we were out and I didn't want to get just any coffee. I wanted a souvenir coffee.

We found ourselves at Aromas on Prince George Street. The place was crazy packed. Did they sell their coffees? Luckily Kelly is crazy boss when she wants something and she marched up and asked if they sell their coffees by the bag.

The barista was sweet enough to give us small cups so we could taste their drip coffees and we both fell in love with Brandy Alexander. Like this coffee is serious good. I'm not crazy for flavored coffee, but it is so good. According to their website, it flavored with notes of distilled wine, chocolate liqueur and creme. Crazy good. 

(A view from the cafe tables at Aromas)

But tragedy! They didn't have any in stock to sell. Consider me weeping! So we both bought two cups of Brandy Alexander and purchased their Magnus Brew to take with us. A very strong bold coffee but if you like dark coffees, this was delicious as well. (No Brandy Alexander, but still tasty.) 

I wasn't overly sad, because I was sure they would sell the Brandy Alexander online, right? 


I got home and it was not on the site at all. Now I'm really weeping. So what do I do? In an uncharacteristic move, channeling Kelly, I email them and ask if it's possible to get a bag. 

Geri contacted me right away, having checked with their roasters to see if they were still offering this coffee. It was! And gosh darn it, Geri (bless your heart) put the listing up on their site just for me so I could buy it. 

Today was my first brewing day. Today! I had a cup of some damn good coffee!

(Mine all mine!)

Disclaimer: I am not being paid anything for this post. I really, truly love this coffee and I want everyone to buy a bag, because it is so good. 

But I did totally mean to reference Twin Peaks. Good on you for catching it.

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