Monday, April 24, 2017

Book Review: Good Night! Good Night!

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Bedtime at our house seems to become an ever extending laundry list of activities, which must be followed or sleep won't happen. One more story! One more hug! So, when I picked up this book I was delighted to find a familiar storyline.

Good Night! Good Night!, by Carin Berger, is a darling story about three little bunnies who don't want to go to bed. The story is gorgeously illustrated with paper cut outs as the bunny children request one more thing before bed.

The book begins with a comforting Goodnight Moon tone, but soon dissolves into sweet, bedtime-avoiding demands, such as "good night, jumping beans," which my children delightedly giggle over and have to partake in too.
But fear not weary parent, finally mama bunny gets her little bunnies into bed and fast asleep. Hopefully you will too with this story.

Two big thumbs up from me. A very sweet story worthy of your bookshelf.

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