Thursday, April 13, 2017

Book Review: Charlie's Dirt Day

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We spend a lot of time reading and visit the library often. Sometimes we get AMAZING books and sometimes we get real stinkers. I thought people may appreciate an honest review of books I just randomly grab off the new release shelf for the children.

This was one of our winners this week, Charlie's Dirt Day (Tell-Me-More Storybook) is a sweet story of a little boy living in the city. While looking out he sees a "parade" of people passing by and follows them with his father. They discover the city is giving away dirt and what the dirt can be used for by a friendly neighbor. Charlie grows a tomato plant and the next year he and his father join the parade again, with Charlie thinking of all the things he can grow.

This story is a sweet tale of how a little boy who learns about how compost helps plants grow. The last two pages include a more detailed, scientific explanation of compost, information about community gardens, and even a project to make compost in a cup.

I picked it up because next week we will be studying plants and planting our own mini garden for the children. After reading it, I was surprised at how much Bear loved it. When I told him we would be studying plants and planting a garden next week, he nearly popped with excitement.

If you're looking for a sweet story, this is really cute. I love the line, "He watches it. And waits... Time passes... and the seed grows... and grows... And Charlie? He grows a little too."

But this would also work very nicely for anyone teaching a younger child about gardening (Bear is turning 5 this year. Bun, turning 3, on the other hand wasn't so thrilled by this tale.)

If I could ask for any improvement on this book, it would be a recipe for the tomato sauce Charlie makes with his tomatoes. Not a deal breaker, since I can easily look one up, but it would be cute.

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