Saturday, May 6, 2017

Children's Day

Yesterday was Children's Day in Japan.
(found these cute flags here)

It's a holiday to celebrate children and is a time for families to fly beautiful carp kites (koinobori). The carp symbolizes courage and strength, because they have the ability to swim up waterfalls. I'm a little coconuts over the imagery of the beautiful kites and when Bear was little, on a whim, I made 3 carp for our family and... I still haven't made Bun's. I know! I know! She's going to be 3 in July and I'm terrible. Seriously, I don't know how mothers of more than 2 function, because I'm barely hanging on over here with my 2.


Yesterday was horrendous with heavy rains and flooding, so I couldn't put out our flags, because they'd get wet and why don't we put together these cute paper ones! Look! Let's tie them to these disposable chopsticks and now we can swing them around!

Yay! Mama is the hero!

I even superhero-ed it and made them large origami helmets from newspaper ads! Yay! Look at those happy faces!

Whew! Some day, I'm going to plan ahead farther than the day of, so I'm not tearing around trying to make a holiday out of paper, but yeah, that's future Marcy's problem. Today's Marcy is going to relax on the couch and maybe knit a little.

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