Monday, May 29, 2017


I've mentioned it in passing before, but I have a Patreon page. It's a little bit of support to help me pay bills, especially when I'm making dolls I can't sell, such as when I'm preparing stock for a show. During those lean times, it's really a great help and also a big moral booster for someone who has been suffering from inspiration-crushing depression. It's a big hug from friends, fans, and family saying "I believe in you."

Well as a thank you to my Patreon patron-saints, I hold a monthly giveaway for a random doll. Everyone who is a patron is automatically entered. The month of June sees a sparkly, Star Shark with a glow-in-the-dark tummy!

If you'd be interested in supporting me through Patreon, please visit me! As little as $1 a month goes a long way.

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