Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Featured Artisan: Cute 'n Kitschy

It's been a dream of mine to feature artists on my blog, so we're starting with one of my all time favorite ladies and the hurricane force strength behind Cute 'n Kitschy.

I've known Kelly for many years and she has always been a great inspiration to me. Her work ethic and selflessness are astounding. Her heart is so big for others, I often wonder if she leaves enough for herself, but that's the kind of person Kelly is. She's the truest kind of friend.

Kelly's medium of choice is polymer clay and she is an absolute wizard, especially with her miniature bottle art (check out that tiny monarch above!). I have several of her pieces in my own collection and I'm always blown away with her attention to each itty bitty detail.

When her hands are too tired to create, she branches out into other mediums, using her art to decorate pouches, acrylic charms, and even this cute umbrella featuring her dapper octopus character. She used to offer a plush version and, fingers crossed, she will have those available again.

Kelly specializes in geek and gamer culture items and is an absolute doll to work with. If you're looking for something special like this amazing Cat Bus business card holder, contact her at kellyskeychains@gmail.com

She's currently running a special on commission with bottle art necklaces costing $20, bottle art $22, small statues $22, and little charms $15.

Check out her shop, Cute 'n Kitschy, and take 20% off your order (no minimum purchase) with coupon code LUGGAGE20. Coupon expires 6/10/17.

Cute 'n Kitschy is also on facebook!

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