Monday, May 8, 2017

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

(Cutest Sheep in the World!)

If you didn't know, I'm originally from Maryland, so many of my friends hail from there. Many also enjoy going to and vending at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and I can't ever stand hearing them about all the lovely things to see and do and knit while there, so this year, I decided the children and I would make the hike!

And what a hike! 3 hours on the road, but so worth it! We had so much fun!

(Bear checking out a truly beautiful sheep.)

The drive is a very nice one through Harper's Ferry and some absolutely stunning farm land. The weather was cool and we were able to meet several sheep, bunnies, and watch a sheep dog demonstration.

(Happy ice cream face. I've promised these two an ice cream date for weeks, but we have been too busy or poor or in the car. This was the perfect time to let the ice cream drip!)

The children were mercilessly spoiled by me and my bank account will likely be angry with me (especially since we are trying to prepare for The Dude to be laid off this July), but I think it was excusable to let the children escape the stress for the day. We wandered and looked and laughed. They both had more fun that I expected they would and I think we'll definitely visit again next year.

(Fast asleep on the long ride home. I call that a good trip.)

Although I've been knitting and crocheting for a very long time, I am a bit intimidated by the fiber community. There is so much out there! 

(blatant advertising for a local company!)

I did purchase some yarn from Cestari Sheep and Wool, a company about 20 minutes drive from my home! I purchased one skein of yarn and hope to expand my doll line to include some locally produced dolls! It's been a dream of mine to do this. (Although with my luck in sales lately, it will bomb, haha! Oh well, I'll keep trying.) I'll be sure to post here with what I come up with. :)

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