Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sock Day!

I love fun coincidences and yesterday ended up being a sock day! Two separate packages full of cute socks!

(cutie gift socks!)

Last time I saw my friend Kelly, I admired her socks and recommended I check out Amazon and guys! Amazon is the center of adorable socks! So I purchased a pack and they arrived yesterday, along with a care package from Kelly with more socks! Who's going to have cozy toesies? Oh yeah!

I have to show off these little cat socks I bought! Earlier this year, I finally replaced my 10 year old Chuck Taylor's for a pair of low-top PF Flyers and while miles more comfortable than a pair of Chucks, the PF Flyers dip very low in the heel, so these chubby cats are going to be peeking out from my shoes all day.

And they also have cutie cats on the toes!

Meow! Meow!

Now indulge me while we look at more socks, because I love the idea of cutie socks! 

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