Friday, May 5, 2017

Foamy Day

I've totally bungled my back from too much gardening this past week. Thankfully today is a low-key day. We did a bit of school this morning and after lunch played with some shaving cream.

Did you do this as a child? I remember loving drawing with shaving cream.

We used Barbasol Original Thick and Rich Cream Men Shaving Cream, 10 Ounce (this is an affiliate link just to share what we used, but you can probably find it cheaper at a drug store.)

The children had so much fun, although I probably went a little overboard with their portions and looking back, should have put a smock on them or had them play shirtless. They wrote their letters and made foam mountains and oceans. It was like a bubble bath in the middle of the day!

Bun had shaving cream all over her! She adores anything yucky and messy. Bear on the other hand is a tidy little guy, so I was surprised he took so well to this activity. He hates getting sticky.

As a hint, for easy clean up, sprinkle some rubbing alcohol on the foam. It really makes clean up less foamy. Then a quick rinse with a wet wash cloth and good bye foam! Bonus your table gets a nice cleaning too!

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