Tuesday, May 9, 2017


We are lucky enough to live kinda-sorta close to a drive in theater! And this past week, The Dude said we should go. I didn't give him a chance to change his mind, because we were going to the movies!

Going to the movies, as anyone with young children know, is so difficult. I die from guilt over the children being noisy and I feel guilty over hiring a babysitter. But at the drive-in, nobody cares!

So we packed up the car and once The Dude had changed we were out the door. The double feature was Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 and Beauty and the Beast. We wouldn't be able to stay for Beauty and the Beast, but yay! Guardians! We really enjoyed the first and it has a special place in our hearts, because it was one of Bear's first movies. (Seriously, he loved that movie so much.)

(check out those jammies! haha! I let them select the jammies they wanted to wear to the drive-in and this is what I got! Also, I gotta love those mouths full of popcorn.)

Once we got in, we got some dinner there to support the theater and then it was just a matter of waiting. We haven't been to the drive-in since last year and well, the kids have grown, so half of the movie was wiggly little children, but once we figured out better seating arrangements, it was golden. Also the movie was pretty fun too!

I hope you'll get the chance to see it, so I can chat with you about it. Actually, I'm kinda crossing my fingers we can go again next weekend. Why not? Tickets are $7 per adult and the kids get in free. Wheee! Irresponsible Mama on the loose!

For more information about Hull's Drive-In, visit here!

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